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Workman \Work"man\, n.; pl. Workmen. [AS. weorcmann.] [1913 Webster]
A man employed in labor, whether in tillage or manufactures; a worker. [1913 Webster]
Hence, especially, a skillful artificer or laborer. [1913 Webster]

Word Net

workman n : an employee who performs manual or industrial labor [syn: working man, working person]

Moby Thesaurus

blue-collar worker, breadwinner, casual, casual laborer, common laborer, day laborer, employee, factory worker, flunky, free lance, free-lancer, full-time worker, hand, industrial worker, jobber, jobholder, laborer, laboring man, menial, migrant, moiler, navvy, office temporary, operative, proletarian, roustabout, salaried worker, self-employed person, servant, stiff, temporary, toiler, wage earner, wage slave, wageworker, worker, workgirl, workhand, working girl, workingman, workingwoman



  1. A man who labours for wages
  2. An artisan or craftsman
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